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Working with me...

Below is a sample proposal that you would receive when first meeting with me. It outlines my working process so that you know exactly what to expect. I would ask you to sign this before moving forward.



Prior to any actual design work, this concept phase will define goals and set the foundation for visuals. This will include:

DELIVERABLES: document, outlining project specifics, that requires your signature before moving to phase II.


With the foundation set in phase I, concepts will be represented visually in three separate comps**, presented in person (or by email at your request). They will represent ideas, concepts, and visual preferences discussed during phase I.

**One of these comps will be chosen (one round of revisions is included). Client must sign off on this phase (after revisions), before moving on to phase III. Signing constitutes approval of the design and agreement to pay the 50% deposit as outlined in the proposal.

DELIVERABLES: print outs and/or electronic files of the comps for review (this does not include any working files)


Once the design direction has been approved from phase II and payment has been received, I will proceed to create the items outlined in the project proposal.

DELIVERABLES: web-ready, print-ready files, and/or printed copies of final approved files

Terms and Conditions...

Download this pdf to read my terms and conditions, which is an addendum to the above proposal.

Terms and Conditions pdf